Cefic’s Director General visits Ukraine

On 5-7 July 2012 delegation of The European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) with the Cefic’s Director General Dr. Hubert Mandery at the head visited Ukraine.

High-ranking European chemical industry delegation arrived in Kyiv by invitation of The Ukrainian Chemists Union (UCU) to discuss perspective ways of cooperation between Ukrainian and European chemical industry enterprises.

The key point of the talks was the possible joining of the UCU to Cefic.

The UCU President Mr. Oleksiy Golubov and Cefic’s Directors General Dr. Hubert Mandery agreed priority steps, the Ukrainian Side could make to boost cooperation:

to send UCU representative for participation in Cefic’s meetings to get better understanding of current situation and challenges faced by the European chemical industry; 

to concentrate UCU’s efforts on joining Cefic with the status of Associated  member.

At the working meeting with the senior representatives from the state institutions and private sector of Ukraine Mr. H.Mandery has particularly emphasized the vital importance both for Europe and Ukraine to develop innovative, energy-saving technologies and to develop mutually beneficial cooperation in this area between Cefic and UCU.

Mr. H.Mandery has also suggested that UCU could contribute to further development of Ukrainian legislation in the sphere of chemical production in accordance with the European standards. In its turn, Cefic could provide to UCU all necessary support and advise in performing such kind of activity.

More details are available in Ukrainian here.

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